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Dagmar Anneliese Hoffmann's (Dagi Daydream`s) main musical influences include bands like 'Genesis', 'Caravan', 'King Crimson', 'The Alan Parsons Project' and 'Earth - Wind and Fire', but especially the early 'Pink Floyd' provided the kind of Music that touched her heart and soul the deepest.

In 1986 she married the musician Klaus Hoffmann - Hoock († 2017), mastermind of the band 'Mind over Matter'. In their time together, where she was involved as a singer, the following pieces were created:

'Children of the Midnight' ('Trance and Dance' p+© 1989 by IC/DigItMusic GmbH  710.090)
'Shangrila' und 'Sri Ram' ('Palace Of The Winds' p+© 1995 by IC/DigItMusic GmbH 87 2243-2)
'Thunderchild' ('Avatar' p+© 1998 by IC/DigItMusic GmbH 87 2 328-2)

In addition to singing, she supported 'Mind over Matter' with performances she herself had choreographed and performed live on stage.

At the same time she also went her own musical ways. In the 2000`s she founded the band 'Touchwood', which had several live performances and the unforgettable live performance at the 'Lovetrainfestival' in Sonsbeck - Hamb. Touchwood broke up after a few years.

In 2015, Dagmar Hoffmann brought the project 'Ambient Joy' to life. She wrote some songs and produced together with the guitarist Harald Nies the first album of the band 'Always Hold The Light', which was released in December 2017.

In the lyrics Dagmar Hoffmann processes her spiritual concern to contribute to the consciousness development and healing of humanity.

Harald Nies is a well-known musician in the German electronic scene, who already has released 12 CDs.

In addition to the masterminds Dagmar Anneliese Hoffmann (vocals) and Harald Nies (guitar), Robert Valet (keyboards) supports 'Ambient Joy' at live concerts.